Taxi in canes

Taxis are readily available across the city and are regulated by the government. They can either be hailed or booked by telephone (tel: +33 4 9299 2727) and excluding in times of adverse traffic conditions, any destination within the city centre can be reached in approximately five minutes.

If you book by telephone, you can expect to pay a pick-up charge. Extra charges are applied for excess luggage or extra passengers.

Taxis are centrally run, reliable and arrive within about 5 minutes anywhere in the city centre. Drivers are generally honest and will usually discuss the stars they have chauffeured around. Taxis can be hailed at taxi stations or ordered by telephone from Taxis de Cannes. There is a €2.35 pick-up charge and the standard rate is €1.71 per kilometre. Passengers pay €0.59 for each item of luggage and €1.09 for animals or children’s buggies. The fourth passenger pays €1.18. Tipping is not expected but is appreciated.

Regulated taxis are readily available across the city. Taxis can be hailed from ranks at various locations throughout Cannes, including its rail station. They can also be booked in advance by telephone, although this attracts a pick-up charge.

Taxis can be hailed on the street or you can order them by phone calling Taxis de Cannes at +33 (04)929 9272. Fares are pre-established with an opening charge of €2.35 and subsequent charges of about €3.00 per mile.